YouTuber Builds Nearly Invisible PC Setup

YouTuber Basically Homeless, also known as Nick Zetta, has created a groundbreaking PC setup that is nearly invisible to the eye. This incredible innovation hides all the typical computer components within the desk itself, making it a marvel of modern technology.

Hidden Components

One of the most astounding features of Nick’s setup is that besides the monitor, every single component is cleverly concealed within the desk. This not only gives the setup a clean and futuristic look but also frees up space that would typically be occupied by bulky computer parts.

Creative Use of Thrift Store Items

Nick didn’t go to expensive tech stores for his components. Instead, he sourced items from thrift stores and used them to build his setup. He molded the keyboard using liquid plastic resin, which allowed him to shape it exactly as he wanted. This not only made the keyboard unique but also added a personal touch to the entire setup.

Advanced Mouse

The mouse in Nick’s setup is not your ordinary mouse. He equipped it with a depth-sensing camera, giving it advanced features that are not found in typical computer mice. This makes the mouse more responsive and accurate, enhancing the overall user experience.

Holographic Display

Perhaps the most visually striking part of Nick’s setup is the holographic display. This was achieved using a compact one-inch projector and nanoparticle film technology. The result is a display that appears to float in mid-air, adding a touch of sci-fi magic to the setup.

Nick Zetta’s invisible PC setup is a remarkable achievement that pushes the boundaries of innovation. By cleverly concealing components within the desk, using thrift store items, and incorporating advanced technologies like a depth-sensing mouse and a holographic display, Nick has created a computer setup that is not only functional but also incredibly cool to look at. This setup is a true testament to what can be achieved with creativity and ingenuity.