WhatsApp to Introduce New Blue Verification Check Marks on Android

WhatsApp is rolling out a new look for its verification check marks on Android devices. This update was discovered by WABetaInfo, a platform known for tracking new features in WhatsApp. They found this change in a recent beta version of the app, which means it will soon be available for all users.

What’s Changing?

The main change is the color of the verification check marks. Right now, the check marks are different from those on other social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, which are also owned by Meta. But soon, the check marks on WhatsApp will be blue, just like on Instagram and Facebook. This makes it easier for users to identify real accounts across different Meta apps.

Why the Change?

Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, wants to make its apps look and feel similar. This helps users who use multiple Meta apps to have a consistent experience. When people see the blue check mark, they will know that the account they are interacting with is verified, just like on Instagram and Facebook. This change aims to make the apps easier to use and more trustworthy.

Who Gets It First?

The new blue check marks are first being tested by people who have downloaded the latest beta version of WhatsApp on Android. “Beta” means it’s a test version of the app that some people get to try before everyone else. If everything goes well in the beta test, the update will be available to all users, not just on Android but also on iOS (Apple devices), WhatsApp Web, and WhatsApp Desktop.

More Updates on the Way

Besides the new blue check marks, Meta is also working on adding some smart features to WhatsApp. They are testing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot that can help users with their messages. This AI can help edit text and even create replies to images. This could make chatting on WhatsApp more fun and convenient.

What’s Next?

Right now, the blue check marks are only available to beta testers on Android. But soon, testers on iOS might get to try them too. After that, Meta plans to release the update for everyone. This means that soon, everyone using WhatsApp, whether on their phone or computer, will see the new blue check marks.

Why It Matters

Changing the color of the verification check marks might seem small, but it’s important. It shows that Meta is working to make its apps more uniform and easier to use. When things look the same across different apps, it’s easier for people to understand and use them. Plus, having a consistent look helps build trust. When people see the blue check mark, they know they are interacting with a real, verified account.

Keep an Eye Out

If you’re a WhatsApp user, keep an eye out for these changes. They might appear on your app soon. And if you’re interested in trying new features early, you can join the beta testing program. Just remember that beta versions might have some bugs because they are still being tested.

Overall, these updates show that Meta is always working to improve its apps. Whether it’s making them look better or adding new features, these changes are designed to make your experience better and more enjoyable.