Pakistan’s IT Ministry is Building a Cybersecurity Team

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications in Pakistan is working on creating a special team called the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) Council. This team will help protect computers and networks from hackers and cyber threats. They recently got suggestions for who should be on this team from schools, companies, and other groups.


What is the CERT Council?

The CERT Council will have 15 members from important government departments. Their job is to keep our computer systems safe from cyber attacks.


Why is Cybersecurity Important?

Cybersecurity means keeping computers and information safe from bad guys online. As we use more technology, it’s important to protect our data and systems from being stolen or damaged.


Expert Help

The CERT Council will include experts in cybersecurity who know how to stop cyber attacks. They will help the team come up with good plans to keep our digital world safe.


What Will the Council Do?

The team will watch for cyber-attacks, respond quickly if something happens, and give advice on how to stay safe online. They will also work with other organizations to teach people about cybersecurity.


This new team is a big step for making sure Pakistan’s computer systems are secure and protected from cyber threats.