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Angular Developer




Minimum 1 Years

We are looking for an Angular JS Developer to join our highly motivated development team.

The developer we are looking for will be responsible for developing Angular JS-based apps using the IONIC framework.

The position is best suited for a candidate that has early to mid-level experience in Angular JS development and the IONIC framework. Candidates should have a good technical acumen to be able to learn concepts quickly and be well-suited to discuss and assist others with strong written and verbal communication skills.

Requirements :

  1. At least 1-year of working experience with developing Angular 6+ Apps.
  2. Good knowledge about Observables and Event Bindings.
  3. Ability to Grasp New Concepts Easily.
  4. Understanding of Rest Web Services.
  5. Basic knowledge of Back-end Services and Database Design Patterns.
  6. Good concepts of Authorization and Authentication. Must be Familiar with JWT and OAuth.
  7. Good knowledge and past working experience in designing applications in HTML5, CSS3, SASS & Javascript.
  8. Good Design and Development patterns.
  9. Efficient with the usage of third-party Angular Libraries like Nebular and Material.
  10. Adaptive to change.
  11. Good Problem-Solving skills.
  12. Ensuring High Performance of Applications and providing support.
  13. Excellent Communication Skills.
  14. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Similar.


  1. Developing Application Codes and Unit Tests in Angular & Integration of Web Services.
  2. Developing UI Components.
  3. Translation of Mockups to Components.
  4. Conducting Performance Tests.
  5. Consulting with the design team
  6. Meeting Deadlines in time.
  7. Able to work in a Controlled Environment.