How To Choose The Right Logo For Your Business

Let’s say you’re starting up a new business or a new organization and you’re ready to start the process of having your logo created. There are five main styles of the logo out there but which one is right for you?

  • is it a word mark
  • a letter mark
  • a brand mark
  • a combination mark
  • or a symbol

who knows I mean what if you make the wrong choice? it’s going to ruin your business, isn’t it?

Well no it’s not really when it comes to choosing the logo style for your brand there are no hard and fast rules.

You can choose any of the five different styles that you want or that you need to do is to make sure that the logo style suits your brand.

So let’s go through the five different logo styles today and I will tell you the benefits and the negatives of each of them I’m at the end you can decide along with your designer which one is right for you so let’s go.